Founded By Joe Richards, Tanner Sterling, Joseph Kasal, and Jess Richards on April 20th, 2018.


Our Mission

Our goal as a company is to help players grow their brands and themselves during and after their experience in Mountain View. We've given many players a platform to get themselves known and exposed. We encourage growth as professional Esports players and in their personal adventures. 

We are about our players and staff. We want to help them grow their own communities so we can grow ours!
— Joe Richards CEO and Founder

meet some of our players

Tyler S. aka Tysler

Tyler is the captain of our Rainbow Six Siege and has been an amazing captain from day one. He showed incredible initiative from the second we met him. Joining Mountain View while still in the military he's a great captain. Incredibly hardworking and enthusiastic we're glad Tyler is in our corner. 

Josh P. aka The Elastic Donut Cheetah

Josh has been with Mountain View long before we were even Mountain View. A long time friend he's been extremely spontanious and helpful in growing our company. Captain of our Rocket League B-Team we're more than ecstatic about Josh's dedication to Mountain View for so long.

Julian R. aka Hoolion

If you've join our Discord it's more than likely you've interacted with Julian. An extremely active member in our general chat and Discord in general he's also the captain of our PS4 Rocket League team. An amazing community member we're extremely lucky to have Julian with us.

Francisco G. aka Saturn

Saturn much like Josh has been with Mountain View since the very beginning. He's one of our amazing players of our Rocket League team and has been dedicated to Mountain View for as long as anyone else. One of our original members, he's very active in his team and is an amazing addition to Mountain View